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 My Dreams
I believe that, CINEMA IS LOVE 24 TIMES PER SECOND. Cinema is the only hope for the new man in the new millennium. Cinema unites the people of the world without prejudices. In this century IMAGES will have the biggest role in shaping the new human civilization. Long live CINEMA.

Cinema is a tool to unite the people of this World. All through my student days and even now, I stand in awe of the power of the moving images.I am always surprised about that ability of the human eye, ie; the'persistence of vision'. When did this ability orginate in human physiology? Does this ability in any other way help the evolution of human species? Why this trait did not disappear from the species? "Persistence of Vision" must have been present even in the cave men!? These are some questions I am constantly asking myself.

As a cinematographer I believe in the power of IMAGES.I am also concerned about how an image is used in a particular context.The knowledge about our world today is transmitted more with images and as 'image makers' working in CINEMA, we can not escape from the socio-political and philosophical questions, on the use of images. Until now 'mythology' had a great role in the evolution of culture and societies. In the new millennium it will be "Imageology' which is going to be decisive in the evolution of a new MAN.